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A clean dog is a healthy dog and will make your pet more comfortable by removing any mats or unwanted hair. I will check for any ear infections, tooth decay or even check for any lumps or bumps that may need to be seen by a vet. I will check your dog for infestations such as fleas or ticks and will eliminate them if necessary. When clipping the dogs nails I will check feet for sores or mats between the pads. Regular grooming also leaves you with an attractive clean, happy dog, which loves being handled and groomed.

It is important to do a visual health check on you dog for foreign bodies, ear infections or parasites. A thorn or a stone in the pads can be uncomfortable for your dog, also an ear infection which may have redness, odour or a discharge and can cause the dog to shake his head or scratch its ears, which can cause further infection. Ticks can be found anywhere on the skin, brown in color and when engorged they are white and can be removed anti-clockwise with a tweezers. Infestations like fleas which can be found along the backbone on the dog, base of the tale or between the shoulder blades.

Consult your vet for appropriate treatment and always read instructions before applying. If your dog just seems not to be it’s happy self your local vet will advise you on the best action. The animal welfare act

2007 which can be found at this link It has advice, information and recent publications on duty of care and codes of practice, for you animal which include the five freedoms.


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